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Hackerspace status



2008: Creation of the name “Hackburg” by some persons of the region, they talks on mailing lists about creating a hackerspace.

2009: They buy the domain hackburg.ch and a graphical identity.

2010: No more messages, the project of finding a space seems to be dead.

2011: In October, two friends are looking for some space for their own purpose and found old jail wich was cheap to rent and very well located. In December one leave and the other decides to create a hackerspace in this place. After some research, he found the messages from Hackburg's mailing lists and ask the owners if he can take the existing work. They said! Thanks to them!

2012: In January the space was officially named Hackburg, at this time there's an average of 3 persons coming 2 times a week. The association “Hackburg” has been officially created the 19. June at 19h and counts almost 10 members.

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